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I am proud to say that my last four Ofsted inspections have resulted in an "Outstanding" grade.
You can view my 2022 report by clicking the PDF link, or keep reading for some quotes from the last three reports...

2022: "The childminder uses her excellent teaching skills to ignite children's curiosity and motivate them to be independent learners" "Partnerships with parents are superb" "The childminder provides a highly motivating language-rich environment for children to develop their excellent communication skills"

2016: "The quality of teaching is outstanding"  "Children are extremely happy and settled"  "The childminder is well qualified and commited to providing the best possible care and education for all children"

2011: "The childminder's home is extremely child-centred, bright and very welcoming" "Children have enormous fun at this childminder's home"

2007: "Children feel valued and respected" "Children have excellent oppotunities for play"

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